Jaw up off the floor, meet Interior Designer, Life Style Expert, Restaurateur and Entrepreneur, Nico Santucci. Hollywood’s Rock Star of Design.

You never know who you’ll wind up meeting on social media these days. I was lucky enough to discover Nico and his work. What started out as a conversation he prompted with me about a potential work project turned into me interviewing him for this feature.
Although, I must admit being a woman, his rugged Italian-American good looks drew me in and had me crushing there for a moment.

 Of course curious to know more about his background and work, I started snooping to find out more and discovered the treasure. His works of art captivated my full attention. Mural ceilings, chandeliers galore and real motorcycles as art in the foyer are just plain OMG.

Nico has a signature of luxury and chic creations. All the while creating an over the top seductive ambience, making all his designs a special and an unforgettable experience. His design creations are provocative with glamour and elegance throughout, yet edgy, with class and couture extravagance. You know those rooms you walk in and you can’t seem to get enough of, plush and decadent in every detail.

His creations are all conversation pieces, offering over the top opulence the discriminating connoisseur of luxury demands. I don’t think he believes in the word “NO” and seems to make everything happen in his personal and professional life. Whatever he dreams, he can create…..My kind of guy!

From turning old mansions he’s renovated into luxe, silk-lined paradises, to the yacht he restored and his mob-themed restaurant. He is a man with a vision and execution. His entrepreneurship started at an early age and he has built a brand and a legacy with his Back Door Global Real Estate Development and lifestyle company that headquarters in Los Angeles.

 Nico also owns the popular Capo’s restaurant and bar in Las Vegas. Capo’s is trademarked as the speakeasy mob-themed restaurant. Next time your there, you have to check it out.
If you only live once, while settle for anything less, clearly seems to be the motto he lives by.
The A-list celebrity client list, his not telling, his lips are sealed to confidentiality agreements.

To reflect upon his history and learn more about what shaped his career, I asked him the following questions where he generously answered all of them.

Thank you very much to Anicia Bragg for her creative, clever & well written article.